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a sport
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deaf athletics
a sport


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    Don't Give up. If stuck, try explaining in a different way, write it down or use pictures. Alternatively, get a competent athlete or runner to demonstrate for you.
    Make sure you have everyone’s attention before speaking – try waving or stopping to get everyone’s attention.
    Don't Speak too slowly or shout! This will distort your lip patterns.
    Don't Cover up your mouth or talk with your whistle in your mouth.
    Don't Move around when you are talking – it will be very difficult to lipread.
    Ensure the area is well lit and any light is shining on your face (not behind you).
    Ask the athlete or runner to repeat what you have said to check they have understood.
    Use visual aids to help understanding – including photos, pictures, or video.
    Evaluación del tiempo de reacción en velocistas con y sin discapacidad auditiva: aplicaciones para la inclusión
    Estudio del tiempo de reacción en deportistas de élite discapacitados mediante salidas de tacos. Desarrollo de un sistema novedoso para facilitar el estímulo.
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