Russia at the Paralympics (Q1920)

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Russia at the Paralympics
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    1988 was the 1st PG the Soviet Union had ever taken part in. Team manager, Olga Bogdanova, put their participation down to the broad social changes and re-structuring going on in the Soviet Union at the time under the leadership of Mikhail Gorbachev. However, the team consisted only of 22 blind athletes as sport for other disabilities was not yet properly developed within the Soviet Union.
    The Russian government said it would hold a separate Games for Paralympic and Olympic athletes with payment of appropriate rewards for winners to compensate for their inability to compete at the Games.
    As of 29 January 2018, the IPC estimated Russians could qualify 30 to 35 sportspeople as qualification was still ongoing.
    The IPC introduced a new anti-doping whistle blowing program for Russian sportspeople, coaches and officials ahead of the 2018 Games. This way they can report suspected doping without reprecussions. (3/4)
    The IPC introduced updated and finalized anti-doping rules ahead of the 2018 Games. (4/4)
    The IPC implemented improved testing for Russian sportspeople under the close supervision of WADA ahead of the 2018 Games. (1/4)
    The IPC launched a new anti-doping education program for Russian sportspeople and coaches ahead of the 2018 Games. (2/4)