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Data accuracy

ParaSport Data uses data from a variety of different sources. These sources do not always agree with each other. There are also limits to how data can be structured and time constraints on data input. While every attempt is made to ensure accuracy and make data items as complete as possible, this is not always the case. When running queries, it is a good idea to always check the underlying data before drawing conclusions to check for completion.


Data copyright is an area that has a large degree of complexity. ParaSport Data believes that most data is remixed in such a way that broad copyrights over data do not generally apply. ParaSport Data also attempts to source data to give data set creators credit, acknowledging their role in creating the underlying information used on ParaSport Data.


ParaSport Data uses cookies. These are mostly used as it relates to logging in, and are part of the Mediawiki software. More information about the use of cookies and Mediawiki can be found on Mediawiki.