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At the present, is undergoing initial data seeding to determine structure. Issues as they are discovered at being documented at Help:Parasports.


ParaSport News (Data) is a Project created by Laura Hale, a two time Wikipedian in Residence for two different National Paralympic Committees, a sport journalist who has covered three different Paralympic Games and a sport researcher who graduated with her PhD from the University of Canberra with a thesis focused on developing understanding of sports culture using social media data.

The purpose of ParaSport News (Data) is to create the largest database of Paralympic, Deaflympic and disability sport data in existence. This data will include basic biographical data, sportspeople rankings, individual and completion results, classification information, disability prevalence data by country, and information about many disability sport organizations around the globe.

The project has three critical development phases. The first is the compilation of the data. This is complicated because many records are not in databases, are locked into scanned PDFs of hand written result pages, and are scattered across a few hundred websites, all of which lack complete data about even a single disability sport in their country.

Concurrent to this stage, a second stage requires the installation of a SPARQL query engine and other visualization tools dependent on the query engine to function. This will allow the data to be more easily accessed, and allow better checks of data input progression, and allow duplicate items to be more easily identified. Once completed, it also critically allows the use of this data to be accessible to academics and others in the disability sports community better looking to serve their target audience.

The third stage is the creation of a tool to allow this data to be more accessible in human readable format through statistical tables, prose text and eventually include pictures. This will then serve to make disability sport more accessible to everyone, and assist in the normalization of disability sport as elite sport and assist in the integration of people in society. As of February 2018, the project is currently in this stage.


Paralympic, Deaflympic and other disability sport data exists in a fragmented form across various parts of the Internet. In many cases, this information is also either offline or in scanned PDFs of hand written notes. No large scale attempts have been made to normalize this data and present it in a similar fashion to that of these sportspeople's Olympic counter parts. ParaSport News (Data) has the objective of addressing this lack.

In doing so, ParaSport News (Data) works towards several important goals. The first is to provide a research tool for academics working in this space. This data can provide numerous insights that can allow real world actions to be taken to better the lives of people with disabilities around the globe, and to better assist sports scientists in improving sportsperson performance.

The second goal is to provide a comprehensive data source for government organizations, grant giving organizations and sport administrators to assist in the delivery of disability sports and disability services to areas most in need. This can be done by identifying clusters of sportspeople in funding deserts, identifying clusters of specific disability groups being underserved or overserved because of cultural biases towards certain disability type groups.

A third goal is to provide a platform that enables sports fans to get a large amount of data and other information about elite sportspeople with disabilities. This is an important component towards the integration of people with disability in society, and creating a more inclusive culture through the high level of visibility sportspeople tend to enjoy.

Open source

ParaSport News (Data) uses the open source projects MediaWiki and Wikibase for the software. While developing tools to meet the needs of ParaSport News (Data), these tools will be released open source for use by the Wikimedia community. One such tool developed so far is a tool to more easily upload data to a Wikibase install using Microsoft Excel.

Data structure

One of the goals of the structure and organization is to build in potentially large amounts of redundancy, both in terms of items listed in statement properties and having similar properties that in many cases are bigger concepts that are duplicated more locally. This is so that in the future, more detailed and replicated data potentially allows for greater ability in future data analysis.

Example of this replication can be found on Germany national electric wheelchair hockey team where statements exist for both national team ranking and international national powerchair football team ranking. This way way, it may be possible in the future to more easily do a data call to check the international ranking of all national teams from a country, in addition to limiting it by sport. Another example from the same item is team type, which includes items for national sports team, national electric wheelchair hockey team and national team of Germany.

Some items being used as references in include T11, men's F52 shot put world record, men's T43 200m world record and Cyril More

Initial goals

The primary goal is to initially build the data structure, and then to do large scale seeding of this data. Among the measurables for assessing when data reaches a critical mass:

  • All classifications created by sport.
  • National teams for most sports have international rankings for all periods.
  • All Paralympians who have ever participated in the Paralympic Games have items, with complete medal data and additional information.
  • All easily accessible world records for major sports are included, along with who set these records, what the records are, when they were were set, for which classification, and other relevant information.
  • Doping information in terms of who doped, what offenses, which classes, etc.
  • Information on most major national sport federations for people with disabilities.
  • Information on each Paralympic Games, and most of the major world championships by sports.

Future functionality

After the initial goals are met, other steps that planned to be undertaken include:

  • Resonator installed on and fully interpolate between the wikibase install on this domain.
  • Have a mediawiki install at that serves as an image host, and which connects to the wikibase install and resonator.
  • Have a mediawiki install at and, using bot scripting to start to automatically write some text.
  • Create a script to get known data from specific sources, automatically format it for import to the Wikibase install and then have this data automatically imported.
  • Ability to automate disability sport news articles using imported data from Wikibase install.
  • Create ways to allow easy creation of queries to the Wikibase install to provide disability sport researchers new insights into how disability sport functions because of access to more complete data sets. Examples of potential uses:
    • Examining historical world times by classification for specific events to understand evolution.
    • Find out which disability types countries favor, such as a country providing more support to amputee sports or blind sports.
    • Discover gender participation rate differences by event, by country or by performance.
    • Use classification data to make advisories on modifications to classification system by having a larger data set.
  • Bot created to automatically merge entries when SDMS ID on two different entries matches.